Built to provide investors control and transparency

Soteria provides access to new and exciting property financing opportunities within the local market. We are committed to championing quality lending across Aotearoa.

Wholesale and Eligible Investors have the opportunity to invest in their investments using the Soteria marketplace to deliver transparent, property backed loans.

Why Soteria?

Risks: All investments carry risks. You can learn more about the risks of investing via our platform by reading our Risk statement here.

How to Invest

Create an Account

Wholesale and Eligible Investors visit the Soteria platform and create an account.

After creating an account, you will be asked to create your investor profile which consists of:

  • Submitting Wholesale Investor Accreditation Forms
  • Initiating our AML process

Browse Pools

After your account has been set up, you can browse available investment pools, including key details about loans.

Start Investing

Once you are an Accredited Investor you can start investing by adding funds to your digital wallet at any time. Simply enter the total amount you wish to invest into the loan of your choice.