Accredited Investor means an investor who has been fully onboarded by Soteria and has received confirmation in writing from Soteria that they are an Accredited Investor.

Investment Period means the period starting on the date an investor invests in a pool and that pool is Active and continues, ending on the earlier of the date that all Loans in a Pool have been repaid and the Pool maturity date (if any) specified in the Pool Conditions.

Investor Information means the public and confidential information relating to a Pool, and the Loans in a Pool, and includes the Pool Terms and Conditions, Loan Purchase Agreement and Master Trust Deed.

Loan Originator means a corporate lender who typically make Loans to borrowers in the commercial real estate and real estate development markets and whose Loan(s) have been sold, or have been offered for sale, to a Pool.

Loan means a loan made by a Loan Originator which is acquired, or will be acquired, by Soteria as trustee for a Pool.

Loan Purchase Agreement means the agreement between Soteria and a Loan Originator pursuant to which Soteria acquires Loans from that Loan Originator on behalf of investors in a Pool.

Master Trust Deed means the trust deed under which the Programme, and the Pools, are constituted.

Pool means a unit trust constituted under the Master Trust Deed for the Programme.

Pool Conditions means the set of terms and conditions applicable to an individual Pool. Each Pool has a separate set of Pool Conditions. It is important to read these prior to investing.

Programme means the Soteria Wholesale Managed Investment Programme.